Service Certificate – STACKIT Basic Loadbalancer

Service Name

STACKIT Basic Loadbalancer (Alpha development stage, DEPRECATED)

High level service description

The STACKIT Basic Loadbalancer (Alpha development stage) (“Loadbalancer”) provides a free, compact, and integrated Loadbalancer with the most important basic functions. This allows customers to balance the load of incoming requests across different STACKIT compute engines (virtual machines) or services and can thus increase their overall availability. The Loadbalancer operates mainly on ISO/OSI layer 4, but can also selectively include ISO/OSI layer 7 (e.g. for balancing algorithms).

The Loadbalancer is a free service for testing purposes and is in the Alpha stage of development. The Loadbalancer will not be further developed and may be discontinued by SIT at any time without notice. Productive use is not recommended.

Key Features

  1. Definition of different listeners and protocols for the traffic to be distributed
  2. Different health checks for the validation of the target systems
  3. Combination of several target systems into so-called backend pools for handling customer traffic
  4. High availability through active/passive mechanism

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