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The STACKIT messaging service uses the Open Source messaging broker RabbitMQ. This can be used to provision on-demand, single or replicated managed instances. STACKIT RabbitMQ enables efficient communication between versatile systems. Highly available applications and scalable microservices can be integrated seamlessly. The advantages at a glance are:

  • Support of different messaging protocols AMQP, STOMP or MQTT
  • Automatic creation and recovery of backups
  • Simple scaling
  • STACKIT costs are billed per RabbitMQ instance per hour

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Pricing Table STACKIT Messaging

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Service TypeNumber of nodesStorage per nodeBillingPrice*
RabbitMQ-2.4.10-Single-EU01110 GBpro Stunde0.12106944444 €87.17 €
RabbitMQ-4.8.50-Single-EU01150 GBpro Stunde0.19038888889 €137.08 €

* All indicated price indications are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Subject to change. The billing of the services is done according to the originator of each billing unit and the price list valid at the time of conclusion of the contract. Price indications per month are extrapolations and always refer to a fictitious usage period of 720 hours (30-day-month). The individual contractual conditions apply.

Price Example STACKIT Messaging

You are using our messaging service to ensure secure transmission of information. For an operating time of 35 hours, the costs amount to €9.91.

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