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Realize modern applications with the popular NoSQL data base

STACKIT MongoDB Flex Enterprise Version is a cross-platform, document-oriented database management system that can be used to store and manage any type of data quickly and easily. In contrast to STACKIT MongoDB, STACKIT MongoDB Flex can be provided and managed via an API. Furthermore, the STACKIT MongoDB Flex Service offers the option of deploying sharded clusters. With the STACKIT MongoDB Flex Service, you can create a database that is tailored to the requirements of the application, as you can select a storage performance class. As a result, an instance can use either fast or slow storage.

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Use cases

Consolidation and personalization

Aggregate and transform data for specific applications and target display through preconfigured profiles.

Big data analytics

Split big data into appropriate aggregation pipelines using analytics.

Deploy in IoT environments

Support flexible customizable data schemas.



In the following video interview, Selina, Cloud Developer in the STACKIT MongoDB team, explains what advantages our STACKIT MongoDB – Enterprise Edition offers over other databases and why you shouldn’t miss out on this offer:

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