STACKIT Confidential Server (Preview / Limited Offering)

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Secure particularly critical workload with STACKIT Confidential Server

STACKIT Confidential Server provides cloud users with scalable, self-managed, confidential virtual machines (STACKIT Confidential Virtual Machine, CVM). They can be secured with modern (hardware-based) security technologies (e.g. AMD SEV-ES). They enable cloud users to run any application in an environment that is shielded from the underlying cloud infrastructure. STACKIT Confidential Server forms the basis for the execution of further applications in the area of confidential computing.

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Use cases

With STACKIT Confidential Server the following use cases can be realized, among others:

Migrate sensitive workload to the cloud

Protection against unauthorized access using STACKIT Confidential Server makes it possible to migrate even particularly sensitive workload to the cloud. This turns the STACKIT public cloud into a private cloud for users.

Meet regulatory requirements

STACKIT Confidential Server helps you meet your regulatory requirements.

Set up systematically encapsulated system environments

Through the project scope, different system environments, based on CVMs, can be separated from each other in a structured manner in order to implement a wide variety of requirement scenarios.



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