Data Center Neckarsulm (DC01)

Optimal location for optimal operation: Due to its location at the headquarters of the Schwarz Group, the data center Neckarsulm DC01 offers the best conditions for your individual requirements.

Quick and flexible solutions

Take advantage of the capacity and speed in our data center DC01 Neckarsulm (DE) and set course for your digital future. Our modern high-availability computing center ensures maximum flexibility, scalability and security – tailored to your IT infrastructure.

Information overview

Server room/Rack
  • 150 m² rental space available in the data center
  • Possibility of high-availability solutions with an additional location
  • Redundant power supply per rack
  • Flexible power output between 2 kW and 20 kW per rack
  • Real-time measurement of power consumption
  • Redundant, needs-based air conditioning with cold aisle containment
  • Optional individualization of racks, e.g. separate access control, sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure, door status, etc.)
  • Consideration of varying customer requests possible
  • Embedded in a campus
  • Sliding gate system with access card reader
  • Security personnel on site (24/7)
  • Access control at all relevant doors through access cards, codes or biometric control systems
  • Interior and exterior building surveillance including IT and engineering rooms
  • Redundant data connections using separate lines
  • Continuous function monitoring (24/7) of the DC infrastructure
Fire protection
  • Early-fire-detection
  • Separate fire sections into the data center and all technical areas
  • State-of-the-art fire extinguishing system with nitrogen
  • Lighting protection system (HVI) on the entire building complex
  • Compliant lightning and surge protection
Power supply
  • Own transformer station
  • Redundant low-voltage main distribution boards
  • Modular UPS systems (double-designed)
  • Mains backup unit with fuel storage for 72 hours and supply contracts
  • PUE value <1.5
  • Redundancy level n+1
  • 99.98 % availability
  • Certified and assured
  • 24/7 access to the data center
  • Acceptance of customer goods delivery incl. interim storage
  • Logistics and tool rental
  • Full assembly service, including installation, modification and expansion services
  • “Helping Hands” of our highly qualified, operating colleagues
  • Spare-parts-depot with state-of-the-art cables
  • Customer stocks
  • Support of external service providers
  • Delivery of hardware (server, storage, network) without operating system
  • Configuration and cable planning, including inventory documentation
  • Provider-neutral Internet connectivity

Certified quality

Our data centers are certified and meet strict standards.

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