Prices STACKIT Network and STACKIT DNS Service

Prices STACKIT Network

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To configure cloud networks and keep them stable, STACKIT makes use of two different IP services. These services provide a secure connection from STACKIT servers on the internet, so that you can connect your systems securely and without disruption. Data traffic (Ingress + Egress) at STACKIT is currently free of charge.

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Price advantages STACKIT Network


The STACKIT DNS Service is convincing with an “all-inclusive price”. Not only are queries and zones included, but also data traffic and DNS storage.

Billing is based as usual on the pay-as-you-go principle, whereby the used DNS zones (100 records = max. 1 zone) per hour or part thereof serve as price basis. The STACKIT offering is unique regarding a DNS service metric, providing you with full transparency with the fixed scale pricing per zone (no hidden costs). If your consumption is greater than the limited records per zone, the next higher service is applicable.

Prices STACKIT DNS Service

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The STACKIT DNS Service hosts your external zones worldwide by means of distributed Anycast servers, so that you can connect to our STACKIT Services as quickly as possible from anywhere. With a managed STACKIT DNS Service, you can achieve cost and efficiency benefits. The STACKIT team takes care of updates, upgrades, backups, scaling and security.

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Pricing Table STACKIT Network & STACKIT DNS

Filter Options
Price Presentation
per hourper month
Network ServiceRecord limit per zoneBillingPrice*
Floating-IP-EU01pro Stunde0.00405555556 €2.92 €
Router-IP-EU01pro Stunde0.00405555556 €2.92 €
DNS-100-EU01100pro Stunde0.00266275276 €1.92 €
DNS-1000-EU011000pro Stunde0.00428964699 €3.09 €
DNS-10000-EU0110000pro Stunde0.02055858931 €14.80 €

*All indicated price indications are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Subject to change. The billing of the services is done according to the originator of each billing unit and the price list valid at the time of conclusion of the contract. Price indications per month are extrapolations and always refer to a fictitious usage period of 720 hours (30-day-month). The individual contractual conditions apply.

Price Example STACKIT Network & STACKIT DNS Service

Price Example: STACKIT Network

You use a STACKIT Floating IP. With a consumption value of 50h, the final billing amounts to €0.20:

Pricing example network 1

Price Example 1: STACKIT DNS Service

You would like to use external DNS domains with global reach and thus opt for the STACKIT DNS Service. Between April 2 and 28, you host 89 zones with a duration of 631 hours. The monthly bill will reflect a total amount of €1.68, which is made up of the consumption and the currently valid list price:

Pricing example network 2
Price Example 2: STACKIT DNS Service

In the following price example, you use a different number of DNS zones in April. From April 5, the first limit of 100 zones is exceeded, which automatically switches the consumption recording to the next higher DNS service. After this time, billing takes place according to the “DNS-1000-EU01” service. Another switch takes place on April 14. On this day, the limit of 1,000 zones is reached and thus consumption is at the price of the “DNS-10000-EU01” service. On the monthly STACKIT billing, your total consumption duration and the resulting total amount for the corresponding DNS services is listed separately from the other STACKIT Services.

Pricing example network 3

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