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STACKIT makes it possible for a user without know-how to work in a scalable runtime environment with cost-effective resources using simple steps. With STACKIT, you only have to take care of your application, our experts will do the rest for you.

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Prices STACKIT Cloud Foundry

Do you want to get started straight away without worrying about the IT infrastructure? STACKIT Service Cloud Foundry offers this option. Develop, test, and manage your application within minutes.

Currently you can choose out of five different quota plans:



5 Service instances

Allowed paid plans

3 App Instances



10 Service instances

Allowed paid plans

Unlimited App Instances



50 Service instances

Allowed paid plans

Unlimited App Instances


100 GB RAM

100 Service instances

Allowed paid plans

Unlimited App Instances


500 GB RAM

500 Service instances

Allowed paid plans

Unlimited App Instances

Prices STACKIT Kubernetes

STACKIT Kubernetes Engine is a robust, scalable and managed Kubernetes service and forms the ideal platform for high-performance container applications. Convince yourself of our price advantages of the STACKIT Kubernetes Engine.

Price Advantages STACKIT Kubernetes

With STACKIT, the individual costs are made up of the following components:

By such splitting of individual technical components at STACKIT, you benefit from:

Pricing Table STACKIT Runtime

Filter Options
Price Presentation
Kubernetes Engine-Cluster Management-EU01pro Cluster/Stunde0.09959511998 €71.71 €
Cloud Foundry App Usage-EU01pro Megabyte RAM/Stunde0.00004093510 €0.03 €

* All indicated price indications are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Subject to change. The billing of the services is done according to the originator of each billing unit and the price list valid at the time of conclusion of the contract. Price indications per month are extrapolations and always refer to a fictitious usage period of 720 hours (30-day-month). The individual contractual conditions apply.

Price Examples STACKIT Runtime

Price Example STACKIT Cloud Foundry

As a user, you need a comfortable area in which to develop and test an application, and to run your code directly without any effort required for the provisioning of infrastructure components. Within the default quota, you configure 5 GB of RAM as memory limit to operate the runtime environment. The used time in April is 696 hours.

Price Example Cloud Foundry
Price Example: STACKIT Kubernetes

You are looking for a managed Kubernetes service to provide customers with a stable and smooth shopping experience on your online shop. Due to the simple configuration for Kubernetes clusters and the high scalability, you choose STACKIT Kubernetes. On April 6, select the following configuration on our portal:

Node Pool

Availability zone: EU01-1

Node-Anzahl: 8

VM-Flavor: General Purpose Server-g1.3-EU01

Block storage: 300GB capacity with performance class 4

The non-stop period of use of 450 hours results in the following costs:

pricing example kubernetes

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