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STACKIT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The cloud environment is divided into three service models that build on each other virtually.

Infrastructure as a Service forms the first level in the service model and consists of the physical components (server, storage and network hardware). Additional virtualization functionalities of STACKIT make the services available.

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Price Advantages IaaS Services with STACKIT

  • Reduce costs with the pay-as-you-go billing model
  • Save on hardware procurement and scale the infrastructure environment with one click
  • Excellent price-performance ratio, especially for virtual machines
  • Versatile storage types with separate billing in block storage between performance classes and volumes
  • Less need for specialist staff due to managed services with automation options

Billing in Cloud Regions and Availability Zones

An availability zone (= “AZ”) is a data center (network) with separate cooling solutions, power supplies and network connections. An AZ can consist of one or more physical data centers and is always part of a region. Three or more AZs form a region. STACKIT currently offers the central region of Heilbronn / Germany. You can find the region affiliation in the STACKIT service name with the ending “EU01”.

The services in the IaaS level must be assigned to an AZ. To do this, either the single or metro setup must be selected for the respective version.


The virtual machine (VM) in the single area is permanently bound to a selected AZ, i.e. the virtual machine is not automatically restarted on AZ2 in the event of a failure of AZ1.


In this setup, the virtual machine lies in a metro zone, which is divided across two or more availability zones.

Achieve high availability of your IT infrastructure with this replicated distribution. The name schema for metro services has the suffix “-m”.

STACKIT IaaS Service Models

STACKIT Compute Engine

The STACKIT Compute Engine provides virtual machines (VMs) that consist of a combination of processor and main memory. You can select the optimal VM for your application as well as a flexible, pre-installed operating system from many ready-made variants (flavors). Provisioning, administration and deletion of the VM is done by the customer via the STACKIT Self-Service Portal or via the provided STACKIT APIs.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per hour (Pay-as-you-go)180 services


STACKIT Storage provides use case-specific storage systems from Block Storage, Object Storage and Backup Storage. Through various performance classes and several availability zones, all requirements can be met individually. The storage systems are configurable by the customer via the STACKIT self-service management UI.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
– Per gigabyte hour (Pay-as-you-go) – Per megabyte hour (Pay-as-you-go)42 Services


STACKIT Network provides robust, scalable, and secure connectivity services. Routers/floating IP addresses enable a flexible connection for customers to or from the STACKIT cloud-run virtual machines via the internet.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per hour (Pay-as-you-go)5 Services

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