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The purpose of the STACKIT Secrets Manager is to store secrets such as passwords, configuration files and texts in one place as a trusted source of information. The goal is to protect your data which is used to access cloud resources, applications, and systems. With our managed service, your sensitive data is highly available and in safe hands.

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Secrets Manager-Secrets-EU01*pro Secret/Stunde0.00102777778 €0.74 €

*Minimum purchase quantity for the Secrets Manager: 50 Secrets per service. Each additional secret is charged according to the individual unit price per hour. ** All indicated price indications are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Subject to change. Die Abrechnung der Services erfolgt verursachungsgerecht pro angefangener Abrechnungseinheit und der jeweils zum Vertragsabschluss gültigen Preisliste. Preisindikationen pro Monat sind Hochrechnungswerte und beziehen sich immer auf eine fiktive Nutzungsdauer von 720 Stunden (30-Tage-Monat). Es gelten die einzelvertraglich festgelegten Konditionen.

Price Example STACKIT Secrets Manager

Price Example 1: Usage Less Than Minimum Consumption Volume

On April 22, you order secrets in the STACKIT Portal via the self-service user interface. You use a total of 40 secrets for the rest of the month. These 40 secrets are stored for 203 hours in the Secrets Manager. Due to the minimum consumption volume of 50 secrets, this is the volume used for cost accounting.

Pricing example security 1
Price Example 2: Usage Higher Than Minimum Consumption Volume

You acquire the STACKIT Secrets Manager on April 2. Until April 21, 250 secrets with a runtime of 457 hours were in use. After that, the service is no longer used until the end of the month. For April, the actual usage results in €117.42.

pricing example security 2

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