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STACKIT Infrastructure Service

Elementary foundation for your cloud

STACKIT Compute Engine provides scalable and high-performance virtual machines (VM) within seconds. In addition to a large number of customer-managed operating systems, there are also variants run by STACKIT available. In addition to the STACKIT Compute Engine Service, customers have the opportunity to upload their own images. STACKIT provides additional images.

Both the STACKIT Portal and the automatable STACKIT IaaS API can be used as the management UI for VM as self-service. Choose from different VM types with standardized CPU/RAM ratios.

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Use cases

With STACKIT Compute Engine, the following use cases can be realized, among others:

Provision of virtual data centers

Deploy entire virtual data centers without having to worry about scaling, hardware, or provision – and in a way that it reproducible and individually scalable at any time.

Coverage of peak loads

Supplement existing systems with flexible and needs-oriented Cloud VMs in order to cost-effectively cover short- or long-term peak loads.

Structure systematically capsuled system environments

Use the project scope to structurally separate different system environments from each other in order to implement a wide variety of requirement scenarios.



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