Service Certificate – STACKIT Compute Engine

Service Name

STACKIT Compute Engine

High level service description

STACKIT Compute Engine (“Compute Engine”) provides Virtual Machines (“VM”) consisting of a combination of processor (“vCPU”) and memory (“RAM”). The customer can choose the optimum VM for its application from a wide range of prefabricated variants (“Flavors”). The provision, management and deletion of the VM is carried out by the customer itself. Either the STACKIT Portal or the STACKIT API can be used for this purpose.

Key Features

Service Plans

The service plans are generally provided with (Table 1) and without (Table 2) CPU overprovisioning. The following Flavors are currently available. The version is marked accordingly in the flavor (e.g. “c1a“). The hardware on which the VM is based (e.g. processor type) is specified and described in the additional documentation (STACKIT knowledgebase) and can be viewed there by the customer.

The current list can be taken from the STACKIT Portal or viewed via STACKIT API.

Table 1: CPU overprovisioning

TypeNamevCPURAM in GBLocal disk in GB
Small, specific instancest1.110,5
Small, specific instancest1.211
Processor-optimized instancess1.222
Processor-optimized instancess1.344
Processor-optimized instancess1.488
Processor-optimized instancess1.51616
Processor-optimized instancess1.63232
Processor-optimized instancesc1.112
Processor-optimized instancesc1.224
Processor-optimized instancesc1.348
Processor-optimized instancesc1.4816
Processor-optimized instancesc1.51632
General instancesg1.114
General instancesg1.228
General instancesg1.3416
General instancesg1.4832
General instancesg1.51664
Memory-optimized instancesm1.118
Memory-optimized instancesm1.2216
Memory-optimized instancesm1.3432
Memory-optimized instancesm1.4864
Memory-optimized instancesm1.516128
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1.1116
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1.2232
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1.3464
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1.48128

Table 2: without CPU overprovisioning

TypeNamevCPURAM in GBLocal disk in GB
Processor-optimized instancess1a.2d22
Processor-optimized instancess1a.4d44
Processor-optimized instancess1a.8d88
Processor-optimized instancess1a.16d1616
Processor-optimized instancess1a.32d3232
Processor-optimized instancess1a.60d6060
Processor-optimized instancesc1a.1d12
Processor-optimized instancesc1a.2d24
Processor-optimized instancesc1a.4d48
Processor-optimized instancesc1a.8d816
Processor-optimized instancesc1a.16d1632
General instancesg1a.1d14
General instancesg1a.2d28
General instancesg1a.4d416
General instancesg1a.8d832
General instancesg1a.16d1664
General instancesg1a.32d32128
General instancesg1a.60d60238
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.1d18
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.2d216
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.4d432
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.8d864
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.16d16128
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.32d32238
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.60d60476
Memory-optimized instancesm1a.120d120952
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.1d116
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.2d232
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.4d464
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.8d8128
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.16d16238
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.32d32476
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.48d48768
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.60d60952
Large, memory-optimized instancesb1a.120d1201904

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