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STACKIT Platform Service

Flexible in-memory storage – whether as cache, data base, or message broker

STACKIT Redis is a fully managed NoSQL data base. The underlying open source project is the most-widely used in-memory data base with a key value data structure. It can be used as a cache, message broker, or simply to store non-relational data. STACKIT Redis focuses on speed, and can also run in cluster operation to ensure high availability.

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Use cases

With STACKIT Redis, the following use cases can be realized, among others:

Storage of simple data structures

Use the NoSQL data base as fast, optimized storage for simple data structures.

Easy data cache

Cache data for many scenarios using the data base optimized for speed.

Use as a broker for asynchronous messages

Take advantage of the NoSQL storage as a valid alternative to more complex message brokers when storing and reading events.



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