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STACKIT Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service is the next level in the cloud computing service model building up on IaaS and providing developers with a complete development and deployment environment. Applications can be developed, operated and scaled here with consumption-based costs. As a developer, you are freed from setting up and managing the underlying infrastructure.

This allows you, as a customer, to fully concentrate on your core business in a secure cloud environment.

At STACKIT, for example, you can access self-developed functions in the areas of database and security.

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Price Advantages PaaS Services with STACKIT

  • Cost reduction
  • Focus on core business
  • No expenditure for operation of the infrastructure or maintenance work
  • Scalable resources on demand

STACKIT PaaS Service Models

STACKIT Security

With the STACKIT Secrets Manager and its function, you can significantly improve the security situation of your company. Manage your secrets with us, the scalable security service in the STACKIT cloud, and protect your highly sensitive data. This STACKIT service has a purchase quantity of 50 secrets per service. However, every additional secret per hour is billed inexpensively.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per secret/hour (Pay-as-you-go)1 Service


Runtimes provide a virtualized runtime environment in which you can host cloud-capable applications in the STACKIT cloud in just a few moments. STACKIT offers the solutions STACKIT Cloud Foundry and STACKIT Kubernetes (SKE).

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per hour (Pay-as-you-go)2 Services

STACKIT Database

STACKIT offers a variety of flavors within 4 different database groups (SQL and NoSQL). You can benefit from our high-performance IT infrastructure with its high scalability and high availability.

The pricing model is simple and based on usage-based prices. Start with small databases and switch to larger instances as needed. For even more power, we offer high performance plans for performance-intensive applications.

Our cost-effective Flex versions of STACKIT PostgreSQL and STACKIT MongoDB make it possible to flexibly expand existing storage.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per hour (Pay-as-you-go)243 Services

STACKIT Messaging

In the area of messaging, STACKIT offers STACKIT RabbitMQ as message broker. Our service plans are offered in different performance classes, so that a customized flavor can be provided for every purpose of use.

Do you need even more power? You can switch to one of our 3 high-performance plans.

Upgrading to a higher service plan is possible at any time.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per hour (Pay-as-you-go)19 Services

STACKIT Logging & Monitoring

STACKIT Logging records and analyses large volumes of logging data from different sources. The cloud service adapts to your requirements as your workload increases, without the need for additional hardware or further configuration.

STACKIT Monitoring monitors the capacities and utilization of your services in real time. Immediate alerting via individually configurable performance parameters allows you to react in good time. With our service, you can detect problems at an early stage before negative performance or cost effects occur.

Billing frequencyNumber of services
Per hour (Pay-as-you-go)51 Services

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