STACKIT Server Backup Management

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STACKIT Infrastructure Service

Automated, monitored server backups with easy recovery

The STACKIT Server Backup Management Service enables you to manage the backup and restore processes for your own server without complications. This service can be activated through an easy-to-use management interface or API and will protect your organizations against data loss. Backups are created automatically, and all data can be easily restored without third-party help.

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Use cases

With STACKIT Server Backup Management, the following use cases can be realized, among others:

Protection of data stored on the server

Avoid data loss through accidental deletion, defective hard disks, hacker attacks, or insider threats and payment of ransomware ransoms.

Fast system recovery

In the event of a failure of the operating system or software, easily recover the system yourself, without having to wait for help from another IT department.

Protection of data before updates and changes

By creating a backup before software updates and system changes, you are able to always restore the previous version.



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