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STACKIT Monitoring

Monitoring service with high-performance toolset that makes surveillance easy

STACKIT Argus is a managed monitoring service that provides a high-performance toolset to monitor applications, business data, and systems. It can monitor any system that has an OpenTelemetry endpoint. Once metrics have been collected, data can be visualized with different types of diagrams in an adaptable dashboard.

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* All price indications are net. Applicable taxes and duties are not included. Subject to change without notice. Services are billed on a cause-related basis per billing unit or part thereof and according to the price list valid at the time the contract is concluded. Price indications per month are extrapolation values and always refer to a fictitious period of use of 720 hours (30-day month). The conditions specified in the individual contract apply.

Use cases

With STACKIT Argus, the following use cases can be realized, among others:

Easy integration

Monitor services and data and connect a variety of metrics endpoints using the OpenTelemetry standard.

Overview of system landscapes

Visualize multiple systems and applications individually in one dashboard, and filter and structure the metrics for different user groups using folders and dashboards.

Setting of individual alerts for threshold levels

Be notified through multiple communication channels if a custom alert is triggered.



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