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The path to becoming a digital company always takes you via the cloud. We support you on this journey as equal partners. Use our managed services to make your company more efficient, more scalable and more profitable.

What is Cloud Computing?

Provision of IT infrastructure and IT services via the internet.

You can order desired services on-demand and use them within a very short time. Cloud computing is therefore available very quickly and gives you maximum flexibility.

What’s more, cloud solutions are growing in popularity because they offer fast and virtually limitless scalability and allow you to accurately measure resource utilization. The use of resources can be managed at a granular level and paid for using the “pay as you go” principle.

In cloud computing, we differentiate between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS, e.g. virtualized storage, computing capacity, networks), Platform as a Service (PaaS, e.g. databases, operating systems, development tools) and Software as a Service (SaaS, e.g. fully hosted applications). The delivery models also differ: While a public cloud is provided publicly by a central provider, a private cloud is provided exclusively for the private use of a single company. Hybrid solutions and multi-cloud concepts are also possible.

Your advantages at a glance



Markets, products and processes can be accessed, developed and implemented quicker and more efficiently. This reduces the time required for a market launch.



Longer-term investments are replaced with operating costs (pay as you go). Costs e.g. for excess capacity, maintenance and repairs are a thing of the past. You can precisely measure and monitor which resources are being used, and how much of them.



Virtualized services are available to you any time and with practically no limits. You no longer need to keep resources available for peak periods.



You can commission and decommission services yourself as and when required. Changes in load can be covered automatically.

With us, you can rely on a certified partner:


Our cloud experts will find the perfect architecture for your project.

The STACKIT architecture consists of three physical areas: compute, storage and network. These areas are managed by the hypervisor and provided virtually in various service variants.

At the lowest level, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you can create virtual machines (compute) according to your requirements. Here, you can select from a range of operating systems that you then manage and operate independently. You can select an appropriate service for this, e.g. Managed Windows. You can also create data media for block or object storage to use as required within STACKIT.

Your machines and services are provided in a secure network that you can tailor to your requirements.

At the higher level, Platform as a Service (PaaS), STACKIT provides managed services that you can use without any operating expenses. Within these services, you get access to Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Foundry via runtimes. All these elements can be managed via the portal interface as well as via an application programming interface (API).

Architecture STACKIT cloud services

What is the difference between “as a service” solutions?

Software as a Service

Software as a Service is the next level of abstraction, in which companies offer fully managed applications without the customer having to worry about updates, maintenance and bug fixes.
STACKIT does not currently offer its own SaaS solutions.

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service builds on Infrastructure as a Service. In addition to the hardware provided, you benefit from

  • not having to adapt anything to hardware or software,
  • not having to procure any licenses and
  • STACKIT maintaining the environment, so your developers can focus all their attention on their core tasks.

Infrastructure as a Service

With Infrastructure as a Service we provide virtual infrastructure such as computing capacity, storage capacity and network services to you in a flexible way according to your requirements. The advantage of this is that you

  • cut costs,
  • use ready-made environments, state-of-the-art technology and secure platforms,
  • don’t have to worry about upgrades, operation and maintenance,
  • can better accommodate load peaks and
  • can scale up or down according to requirements.
SaaS SaaS SaaS
SaaS SaaS SaaS
SaaS SaaS SaaS

Our flexible service solutions

In your local data center, you are responsible for all areas yourself. When you switch to the cloud, you transfer responsibility to STACKIT.

Cloud Availability Zonen

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With STACKIT, you benefit from colocation spaces and cloud services. It therefore makes sense to use hybrid services as well. Discover what is possible here!

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