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You need scalable enterprise cloud solutions for digital business processes while maintaining complete data integrity? As a european partner with data centers in Germany and Austria, we ensure maximum security, compliance with data protection and controllability for your data in the cloud.

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Customized products

From virtual machines, storage and managed databases to modern development frameworks such as Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes – we offer a wide range of solutions for your specific use case.

Infrastructure Services

Cloud Server

8.77 €
per VM/month*

Cloud Server 

Compute – Virtual Machines

In the “Compute” area, virtual systems can be provided and used in a few seconds. Different system sizes are available for individual purposes.

Use cases

  • Provision of entire virtual data centers
  • Integration of additional systems to cover load peaks (e.g. for annual financial statements)
  • Building and using systematically encapsulated system environments


  • Create or delete new systems at any time
  • Individual sizing based on the respective use case possible
  • Customer-oriented control possibility of the virtual machines


  • Cost-effective provision of system resources
  • Simple deployment and intuitive control of the systems
  • Management of the systems via portal or automated via API
  • Easy administration of complex environments (e.g. across multiple data centers)

Block Storage SSD

0.05 €
per GB/month*

Dynamic disk storage

Block Storage (Volumes) 

Block Storage provides high-performance storage systems to provide persistent data storage for virtual machines (volumes).

Use cases

  • Storage provisioning for virtual machines (i.e. virtual hard disks)
  • Permanent storage of data (e.g. application data) outside the operating system drive


  • Intuitive and easy use of memory for virtual machine deployment
  • Provision of different performance classes
  • Subsequent increase of data storage (without operating system) possible


  • High performance of the provided storage systems (SSD)
  • Professional storage solution
  • Physically separate solution from object storage (S3)

Load Balancer

22.37 €
per unit/month*

Efficient distribution of data traffic

Load Balancer 

With the Basic Load Balancer, STACKIT provides a compact, integrated and highly available Load Balancer with the most important basic functions.

Use cases

  • With the Basic Loadbalancer, STACKIT provides a compact, integrated and highly available loadbalancer with the most important basic functions
  • High-availability design of the load balancer for high overall availability of the customer application
  • Optimization of end customer traffic for STACKIT customers.


  • Definition of different listeners and protocols for the traffic to be distributed
  • Different health checks for the validation of the target systems
  • Consolidation of several target systems into so-called backend pools for the processing of end customer traffic


  • Easy setup and use of a complex infrastructure product
  • High application variety and range of use of the Load Balancer
  • Versatile use of an individual product for beneficial integration into customer applications

Object Storage

0.04 €
per GB/month*

Flexible scalable cloud storage

Object Storage

In the “Object Storage” area, data storage is available via web interface. The data usage of object storage is fast, flexible and extremely simple.

Use cases

  • Short-term storage of even large amounts of data
  • Application integration of data storage
  • Use data from anywhere in the world (incl. corresponding safetyprecautions)


  • Creation of new containers for data storage at any time
  • Uncomplicated provision of data storage
  • Flexible storage and deletion of files in the storage environment


  • Easy use of (external) data storage
  • Intuitive operation via various tools possible
  • Fast provision of cross-system memory

Platform Services


79.80 €
Service Plan/month*

STACKIT Elasticsearch 

The world’s leading open source search and analytics solution. With an emphasis on speed, scale, and relevance it’s transforming how the world uses data.

Use cases

Developers can create instances of a Elasticsearch server or cluster using STACKIT Portal or the Cloud Foundry Command Line interface (cf CLI), and bind these instances to an application to monitor it, or use them to monitor services. Depending on your service plan, a service instance may be associated with a single, dedicated VM, or a set of VMs consisting of multiple VMs containing an Elasticsearch cluster.


  • Fast and scalable logging
  • Query and Analyze
  • Index any kind of heterogeneous data
  • Support REST APIs and JSON
  • Full Text Search
  • Near Real Time(NRT) Search


  • Centralized logging
  • Fast
  • Easy content searching
  • Handle tons of data


79.80 €
Service Plan/month*

The most popular open source relational database


This is a service creating and managing dedicated mysql service instances and clusters, powered by the STACKIT Service Framework.

Use cases

MySQL is well suited when you are using web pages or web applications in an open-source ecosystem.

The strengths of MySQL can be exploited when it is necessary to store relational data in small, medium-sized applications or those in which its architecture is service oriented.


  • On-Demand Service Instance Provisioning
  • Service Instance Isolation
  • Service Instance Capacity Upgrade
  • Recording and Monitoring
  • Deployment Updater
  • Service Guard
  • High Availability


  • Storing relational data
  • Easy to learn, use and manage
  • Easy for creating backups.
  • Quick management
  • Integration with different development tools
  • Very good for basic to enterprise-level needs


138.54 €
Service Plan/month*

The most popular NoSQL database for modern apps


MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas.

Use cases

Big data database for organisations of all sizes – content management systems, product data management, customer analytics, real-time data integration that requires large volumes of high-speed data logging and aggregation. With MongoDB, data from multiple sources can be effectively aggregated into a central repository to create a single view of anything – from a single view of the customer to creating a single view of exposure across asset classes or counter parties in financial trading.


  • Scalable
  • Real-time analytics
  • Indexing
  • Replication
  • Auto-Sharding
  • Load Balancing


  • Flexible document schemas
  • Code-native data access
  • Change-friendly design
  • Powerful querying and analytics
  • Easy horizontal scale-out


79.80 €
Service Plan/month*

Open source, advanced key-value store


In-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. Depending on the service plan, it can be ordered as a clustered solution powered by the STACKIT Service Framework.

Use cases

A modern key-value store for high-speed data caching and message server purposes.

Absolutely powerful session management solution that quickly increase the speed, accuracy, reliability, and availability of the data.


  • Cache Session
  • Pub/SUB 
  • Full Page Cache (FPC)
  • Transactions
  • High Availability via Redis Sentinel
  • Leaderboards/Counting


  • Built-in replication
  • Provides a wide range of developer tools for most popular languages
  • Different levels of on-disk persistence
  • in-memory dataset
  • Supports variety of data structures (strings, hashes, lists, sets and many more)


79.80 €
Service Plan/month*

The most widely deployed open source message broker


Highly available, high performance deployment of the open source messaging broker RabbitMQ that comes with a useful browser-based console for management and monitoring.

Use cases

It can deal with high-throughput use cases, such as online payment processing. It can handle background jobs or act as a message broker between microservices. Depending on your service plan, a service instance may be associated with a single, dedicated VM or a set of VMs consisting of multiple VMs containing a RabbitMQ cluster.


  • Cross-language messaging with favorite programming languages
  • Supports protocols including, MQTT, AMQP, and STOMP
  • API and command-line tool
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Monitoring
  • Lots of plugins


  • Supports multiple messaging protocols
  • Provides a wide range of developer tools for most popular languages


79.80 €
Service Plan/month*

The database king continues its reign

STACKIT PostgreSQL 10 

This is a service creating and managing dedicated PostgreSQL service instances and clusters, powered by the STACKIT Service Framework.

Use cases 

  • Database perfect for web apps – anywhere from app settings, login information (of course user’s passwords are encrypted and salted), to the work created in the app
  • Using PostgreSQL as a database for microservices application. Since microservice is light by nature, performance is never a problem
  • Database engine utilized in the capture, storage, and processing of all company data


  • User-defined types
  • Table inheritance
  • Sophisticated locking mechanism
  • Foreign key referential integrity
  • Views, rules, subquery
  • Nested transactions (savepoints)
  • Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)
  • Tablespaces 
  • Data Import & Export
  • Asynchronous replication Backup, Restore, Data Integrity, & Replication


  • Scalable
  • Allows replication
  • Much better at data types than the other DBMSs
  • Flexibility to select from a variety of procedural languages
  • Support the JSON column and able to query by the JSON value


119.41 €
Service Plan/month*

On-demand provisioning of VM-based, dedicated LogMe (ELK Stack) servers and clusters


Dedicated ELK stacks to monitor applications and service instances powered by STACKIT Service Framework.

Use cases

Developers can create instances of a LogMe server or cluster using STACKIT portal or the Cloud Foundry Command Line interface (cf CLI), and bind these instances to an application to monitor it, or use them to monitor services. Depending on your service plan, a service instance may be associated with a single, dedicated VM, or a set of VMs consisting of multiple VMs containing a LogMe cluster.


  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Visualization of the Data
  • Index any kind of heterogeneous data
  • Support REST APIs and JSON
  • Full Text Search
  • Near Real Time(NRT) Search


  • Lots of client libraries available to interact with elastic search in programming — Java, Python, .NET, SQL, and PHP
  • Store schema-less data and also creates a schema for your data
  • Perform filtering and querying your data for insights

Container Services


58.14 €
per Cluster/month*

Robust, scalable and fully managed Kubernetes service

STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE) 

Build, deliver and operate containerized workloads with ease 

STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE) is a robust, scalable and fully managed Kubernetes service for the deployment and management of containerized applications. SKE allows the creation of customized Kubernetes clusters as a self-service through its management UI and delivers upstream conformant Kubernetes. It makes it easy to deploy standard Kubernetes applications and containerized workloads without any refactoring being required.

Use cases 

Migrate existing applications to the cloud 

  • Containerize existing applications and run them on SKE in the European cloud without caring about the underlying infrastructur

Build cloud native applications 

  • Build new cloud native applications in a microservices style and make use of Kubernetes ecosystem for service meshes, serverless, CI/CD pipelines, and others

Use private or Internet-facing clusters 

  • Create SKE clusters in a private network that can be accessed via VPN, or public Internet-facing ones


  • Create clusters quickly and easily through a self-service UI in the STACKIT portal
  • Support of internet-facing clusters as well as clusters in private networks makes SKE suitable for public and enterprise workloads
  • Event-driven horizontal pod and node autoscaling elastically scales cluster up and own according to the actual utilization
  • Auto-update capabilities of the Kubernetes and operating system versions keep your clusters up to date
  • Auto-repair capabilities detect issues on your cluster, initiates a repair process and reduces operational overhead
  • Auto-hibernation of clusters allow effective cost reduction


  • 100% Kubernetes compliant
  • Fully managed, highly available control plane
  • Only pay for what you use, optimize costs through hibernation of non-productive clusters

Cloud Foundry

18.31 €
per GB RAM/Instance and month*


Designed to bring efficiency, security and speed to custom development organizations. The STACKIT AppCloud platform is based on the industry-standard open source cloud platform Cloud Foundry.

Use cases

  • Deploy applications on the cloud in seconds
  • Deploy applications using buildpacks and docker images
  • Develop applications based on microservices architecture
  • Scale the deployed applications


  • Application runtime
  • Application portability
  • Application auto-scaling
  • Centralized platform administration
  • Centralized logging
  • Application health management
  • External logging integration (e.g. Elasticsearch and Logstash)
  • Role-based access for deployed applications
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling


  • Easy integration
  • Located in Europe
  • Secured communication between applications and data services
  • Secure
  • Development cycles redocument
  • Application life cycle management
  • Self-healing capacity
  • Application centralized management
  • A distributed environment

* measured on the monthly full capacity of 730h, the actual billing is on an hourly basis.** Resources used in the cluster such as worker nodes and storage are billed separately.

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A step towards hybrid IT

The hybrid cloud from STACKIT combines the advantages of the STACKIT Cloud with those of classic on-premises infrastructure.

Sometimes, there is more than just one solution: What’s more, with our hybrid solutions, existing systems and their conventional architecture are not left out in the cold, even if they are not intended to be migrated to the public cloud.

As we offer both cloud and colocation, you can experiment with cloud computing without losing control in selected areas as a result of physical separation. We combine the private with the public to create a seamless symbiosis and allow each company to choose how to organize the IT areas.

This means that you can remain flexible and gradually transition to the cloud at your own pace. You can keep business processes that you don’t want to relinquish separate from those that are ready for the cloud now. This means that you can keep sensitive data completely under control while scaling your processes according to requirements and accommodating any peaks in load. In short: We help you to combine the best of both worlds! You can remain agile and reap the full competitive advantages of this hybrid solution.


  • Flexible access to data
  • Tailored and gradual transition to the cloud
  • Separation of sensitive and less critical data
  • Load peaks in the system can be accommodated and managed flexibly

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