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Partnership | XRGO and STACKIT: This connection is quite real!

If you want to introduce innovation in your company, there is no getting around our new partner XRGO. The specialists at XRGO accelerate digitalisation in the Schwarz Group and in a wide range of companies in all sectors in a targeted and sustainable manner through the use of IoT, AI and X-Reality technologies (augmented, mixed and virtual reality). For hosting its X-Reality Experience solution, XRGO…

STACKIT is now a certified Kubernetes provider

And what does that mean exactly? Quite simply. In future, we will represent the name Kubernetes in our STACKIT portal. In addition, we are allowed to use the official Kubernetes logo and are thus part of…

University | The STACKIT PowerMonths: Looking for power students with cloud ideas

“Do you know this? You want to bake your favourite cake and don’t have the right ingredients or the necessary change?” If you now transfer this described challenge to the STACKIT PowerMonths,…

Partnership | twogo & STACKIT – Sustainable Mobility meets the Cloud

Partnerships should be like they are in real life: consistent, built on mutual trust and cherished.Along with twogo – the smart ride-sharing platform for daily commutes, we’ve been in just this kind of partnership for over a year now.By making carpools easier to arrange, twogo is fostering sustainable corporate mobility within the Schwarz Group and also among corporate customers and municipalities….

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Certified Kubernetes provider

From now on you can find in our Portfolio the robust, scalable and fully managed Kubernetes service in a BETA Version. The services ist for the deployment and management of containerized applications.


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