Training | PowerWeeks at STACKIT a complete success!

The STACKIT PowerWeeks stand for exciting and, above all, practical cloud project weeks. This year, almost 35 trainees and Turbo IT’lers will receive an overview of cloud topics, STACKIT and our agile way of working at the end of their first year of training. 

At the beginning of July, we at STACKIT got the chance to introduce our trainees and Turbo IT’lers in the areas of application development and system integration to the STACKIT world for two weeks and to introduce them to topics such as Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and the distinction between monoliths to microservices. At the end of the 6-day practical session, there were two very professional and structured final presentations from the participants.

Both the participants and the supervisors of the STACKIT PowerWeeks had a lot of fun and we wish our trainees and Turbo-IT’lers much success in their further education!

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