STACKIT Cloud Foundry

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Quickly query and easily analyze large amounts of data

STACKIT Cloud Foundry is based on the open-source cloud-native platform of the same name and offers dogmatic preconfiguration of the cloud infrastructure.

This enables the platform-as-a-service product to provide applications without a lot of prior knowledge in just a few easy steps in a robust and scalable runtime environment with cheap, shared resources.

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Use cases

With STACKIT Cloud Foundry, the following use cases can be realized, among others:

Migration of existing cloud-native applications to the cloud

Containerize existing applications automatically with STACKIT Cloud Foundry and execute them in the European cloud without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Creation of cloud-native applications

Create new cloud-native applications with the latest architecture and use the open-source based Cloud Foundry ecosystem for buildpacks, service accounts, autoscaling, and more.

Expansion of applications through the marketplace

Use the STACKIT Cloud Foundry marketplace to easily instantiate data bases, log services, messaging systems, and more, and connect them to the applications.




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