STACKIT Confidential Kubernetes

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Protect container workloads from unauthorized access of 3rd parties, with little effort, in a verifiable manner.

STACKIT Confidential Kubernetes combines the advantages of the popular orchestration tool Kubernetes with the high security standards of confidential computing. The solution is based on the Kubernetes Engine Constellation by Edgeless Systems. It allows users to deploy and operate self-managed Kubernetes clusters with extensive security features without much effort. The highlight: clusters are completely isolated from the underlying cloud infrastructure and third-party access. They are completely encrypted throughout, including the storage at runtime. These properties are verifiable to third parties.

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With STACKIT Confidential Kubernetes, the following use cases can be realized, among others

Meeting regulatory requirement

Remote attestation of encryption and isolation of data allows you to proof that you meet regulatory requirements.

Moving sensitive workloads from on-prem to the cloud

Protecting your data from unauthorized access with STACKIT Confidential Kubernetes allows you to migrate even sensitive workloads to the cloud. The STACKIT Cloud turns into your Private Cloud.

Protecting containerized workload from unauthorized 3rd party access

Completely encrypt and isolate your containerized Kubernetes workloads and control plane, increasing the overall security and preventing unauthorized 3rd party access.



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