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Server Flavor (Type)vCPURAMPrices*
Confidential Server-m1a.2cd-EU012150.15334305556 €110.41 €
Confidential Server-m1a.4cd-EU014300.30668611112 €220.81 €
Confidential Server-m1a.8cd-EU018600.61337222223 €441.63 €
Confidential Server-m1a.16cd-EU01161201.22674444446 €883.26 €
Confidential Server-m1a.30cd-EU01302302.30014583337 €1656.11 €
Confidential Kubernetes Server-m1a.2cd-EU012150.45519485556 €327.74 €
Confidential Kubernetes Server-m1a.4cd-EU014300.91038971112 €655.48 €
Confidential Kubernetes Server-m1a.8cd-EU018601.82077942223 €1310.96 €
Confidential Kubernetes Server-m1a.16cd-EU01161203.64155884446 €2621.92 €
Confidential Kubernetes Server-m1a.30cd-EU01302306.82792283337 €4916.10 €

* All ndicated price indications are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Subject to change. The billing of the services is done according to the originator of each billing unit and the price list valid at the time of conclusion of the contract. Price indications per month are extrapolations and always refer to a fictitious usage period of 720 hours (30-day-month). The individual contractual conditions apply.