Comment I Digitally sovereign cloud for administration

Thu., 08/24/2023Neckarsulm

Comment from Stephan Ilaender, Senior Director of STACKIT Platform Products, on: “Digitally sovereign cloud for administration: updated position paper and establishment of the Working Group Cloud”

How can the public sector use the cloud sensibly and effectively?

Together with the OSB Alliance, the German Federal Association for Digital Sovereignty, and other companies, we at STACKIT have contributed to a joint position paper on the topic of “Minimum requirements for the use of cloud offerings by the public sector”. After the positive response and many inquiries on the topic, we have further specified this content and published an updated version.

In order to further develop existing know-how and further promote cooperation for digitally sovereign and German cloud products, we have formed an official working group on the part of STACKIT together with the participating companies (Cloud & Heat Technologies, IONOS, Plus Server, secunet Security Networks, Telekom, Univention) “Cloud” merged in the OSB Alliance. Together we are working to establish open standards for an open source cloud offering for public administration and politics.

Our goals with the Working Group are diverse. On the one hand, we want to support and further develop the strategy of the German Administrative Cloud in accordance with the principle of Open Source First. We would like to initiate a concrete implementation of a proof-of-concept or a reference architecture for an open source cloud for public administration, whereby we would like to fall back on existing technologies and initiatives. The aim is also to create an open source-based cloud stack as the preferred basis for digitally superior cloud offers of public administration.