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News | STACKIT and ServiceNow enter into partnership for data sovereign digital workflows

The integration of the data-controlled STACKIT cloud and the software from ServiceNow combines the high-performance platform for faster business results with the high security standards of our German cloud.

Users of the Now Platform benefit from the “platform of platforms” in that business processes and routine tasks can be automated across departments, systems and processes. Users can create these workflows independently via an intuitive graphical interface and be supported by an AI. With over 150 out-of-the-box integrations for third-party systems, most companies can integrate their complete system landscape into the platform and use it in a wide variety of areas.

The Now Platform runs on the STACKIT Cloud, which, thanks to its data sovereignty, offers an environment for user groups whose data is subject to particularly high compliance requirements. These include users from the areas of public, finance, health or industries whose intellectual property offers a unique selling point in the market.