Partner | Mendix works together with STACKIT for secure data and applications in the cloud

Frankfurt am Main, 09/26/2022 – STACKIT, provider of sovereign cloud solutions and Schwarz IT brand, and Mendix, subsidiary of Siemens and worldwide market leader in the development of state-of-the-art corporate applications, announce the availability of a joint solution for running critical software applications.

With this solution, security-sensitive companies in Germany and the EU can exploit the flexibility and cost advantages of low-code applications developed in the cloud. At the same time, companies are protecting their data and the intellectual property rights of their applications according to the highest European security standards.

The Schwarz Group has been using the market-leading low-code platform of Mendix for the development of enterprise software since 2021, running it on their proprietary STACKIT cloud. With this joint offer, Mendix and STACKIT are now making this existing structure available to external customers.

Cloud Alternative for SMEs and Public Administration

Medium-sized businesses and particularly public sector companies consider it a major challenge not only to find cloud experts, but also to retain them in their own companies in the long term. As a result, they often lack the expertise to use the cloud for securing business-critical or personal data.

“STACKIT is the only cloud provider to offer a combination of data centers in Germany and Austria together with German headquarters. The data of our customers are protected according to the highest European security and data protection standards,” says Christian Müller, Chief Executive Officer of Schwarz IT. “Medium-sized businesses are at the risk of corporate knowledge flowing abroad and often run proprietary servers and networks for this reason. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit experts to run these proprietary IT capacities. Together with Mendix, we are now making it possible for companies to take the step into the direction of a secure cloud. In this way, we want to contribute towards securing locations and sustainable growth in Germany and Europe.”

Digitalization could progress significantly faster

In many companies and public authorities, IT teams are already fully preoccupied with operating existing and partially outdated systems. Urgently needed innovations cannot be implemented. Unsatisfactory digital services for customers and citizens, and new security gaps are the result.

“The number of required digitalization projects and the available developer capacity is growing disproportionately to each other,” says Johan den Haan, CTO of Mendix. With the use of low-code, new and innovative applications can be developed much faster than when using conventional programming. “We are excited about making operating complex corporate software in the cloud, together with STACKIT, even more accessible to European customers.”

Siemens subsidiary Mendix is regarded worldwide as the market-leading low-code platform. With the help of agile methods, specialist departments and IT can develop custom-made applications on the Mendix platform and simply connect them to existing systems. The requirements from the specialist departments can flow in directly and in short cycles. Pre-configured modules are directly available for further use. Companies will thus benefit much more quickly from the added value of the digitalized processes.

With the new integration, the development of all types of application on the Mendix platform is fast and agile, and customers can automate the operation on STACKIT. The entire application and data life cycle is located in the highly protected STACKIT environment. The offer is further extended with the corresponding optional services for operation and development.