News | Regional Mastodon instance powered by STACKIT

Based on STACKIT, the association connect.IT Heilbronn-Franken e.V. has set up its own instance of the Twitter alternative called Mastodon. 

The association connect.IT Heilbronn-Franken e.V. is an IT network to promote communication between companies, providers, manufacturers, science, educational institutions, potential employees, students and pupils as well as to network the regional players through innovative event concepts and offers.

Those who want to continue engaging with tweets can now turn to an ad-free alternative from the region: Mastodon, an instance set up by the Heilbronn-based association with support from STACKIT Professional Services.

Unlike the Twitter platform, where content and user data are controlled from a single source, Mastodon is not managed by a company or an individual. The platform distributes content and data across many large and small instances, all of which communicate with each other. Files and storage systems are configured and stored in the STACKIT Cloud.

On the platform itself, the members from connect.IT would like to see an open discussion about topics from Heilbronn and the region. To ensure that this is lived, each instance has set its own rules. These rules apply to all content and prevent the instance from being blocked by others.  

The platform currently has over 100 local users, and the goal is to reach a four-digit number.

About the platform