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Digitalization in healthcare

digitalization in healthcare

The German healthcare system is in the midst of a digital transformation to make patient care more efficient, secure and of higher quality. The German Ministry of Health has created various initiatives to this end as of 2024, e.g.

  • the electronic medical record (ePA)
  • online prescriptions
  • a telematics infrastructure
  • the electronic medication plan
  • digital health applications (DiGA)
  • telemedicine (video consultations, robotics in surgery)
  • artificial intelligence (AI) as a support for diagnosis and therapy.

These measures are intended to unify the healthcare system and make it easier for doctors, clinics, health insurance companies and eventually also patients to exchange information. The main goal is to improve medical advice and care nationwide and to further adapt it to the individual needs of patients.

Other trends in digitalization in the healthcare sector:

Digitalization in the healthcare sector is advancing and there are some important trends influencing the industry. One of these is the increased use of big data and analytics for personalized medicine. By analyzing large amounts of data, doctors and researchers can develop more personalized treatment approaches. Another trend concerns wearables and IoT devices for patient monitoring. These smart devices continuously collect health data such as heart rate, blood pressure and activity level. Telehealth solutions are also gaining in importance. More and more people are using virtual doctor visits to get medical advice and diagnosis without physically going to a practice. After all, the further development of AI systems for the early detection of diseases is becoming increasingly important. Artificial intelligence can recognize patterns in medical data and indicate potential health risks. These trends show that digitalization is revolutionizing healthcare and improving patient care in multiple ways.

Opportunities and challenges of digitalization in healthcare

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Increasing efficiency:

Digitalized processes make it possible to care for patients more quickly, efficiently and securely. This gives medical staff more time for patients.

Personalizing medicine:

Big data and AI can be used to develop individual therapeutic approaches. Predictive AI makes it possible to detect diseases earlier and prevent them.

Expanding telemedicine:

Especially in rural areas and for immobile patients, medical care becomes more accessible, for example through digital consultation hours.

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Complying with data protection:

Transferring and storing sensitive health data carries data protection risks. Digital processes and applications must be secure and GDPR compliant at all times.

Ensuring cyber security:

Digital attacks and data manipulation are constantly increasing and can endanger patient data, for example. Appropriate protection mechanisms must apply here.

Closing the digital divide:

Not every patient has access to digital health solutions. Digital transformation can only succeed with patients and requires a lot of communication and education.

STACKIT as a sovereign cloud provider in healthcare

Choosing a healthcare cloud provider requires the utmost care, as it is all about protecting sensitive data. A sovereign provider must …

… guarantee German and European data protection standards.

… be based in Germany and meet the requirements of the German healthcare system.

… demonstrate certifications and transparent security measures.

… enable local data storage.

… be independent of crises, third-party access and economic cycles.

… work with open standards to avoid vendor lock-in.

… provide a scalable cloud infrastructure that meets the growing demands of healthcare.

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Why STACKIT is the right partner for healthcare:

  • All data is stored and processed in Germany and Austria and is therefore 100% data protection compliant and crisis-proof (especially important for sensitive medical data)
  • Secure cybersecurity solutions from XM Cyber ensure that healthcare players are protected from attack and access by third parties
  • The scalable STACKIT Cloud is based on open source and makes users from the health sector as flexible as possible, e.g. when moving data to on-premises or to other providers (avoiding vendor lock-ins)
  • Numerous certificates such as ISO27001 & C5 guarantee the highest quality and safe standards

Rely on a cloud-certified partner with STACKIT:

TÜV-27001 TÜV-27001
TÜV Süd ISO 50001 TÜV Süd ISO 50001
DE-CIX-farbig DE-CIX-farbig

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Applications in the health sector

As a data-sovereign cloud provider, STACKIT also offers applications in the healthcare sector that make the complex world of health simpler, more secure and more efficient.

Medical research platform from Germany

Honic’s multi-layered data protection concept makes it possible to use care data from Germany GDPR-compliant for innovative medical research and thus better medicine – completely without the consent of patients.

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TI Messenger (WhatsApp alternative for the health sector)

The telematics infrastructure messenger from STACKIT connects all healthcare providers. It works like WhatsApp but is more secure and 100% privacy compliant. TI-M improves patient care and communication.

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iTernity (iCAS data storage)

The software-based storage solution enables healthcare institutions to permanently protect the integrity of sensitive health and business data on the basis of existing IT infrastructure and to keep data availability stable.

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