Service Certificate – STACKIT Block Storage

Service Name

STACKIT Block Storage

High level service description

The STACKIT Block Storage (“Block Storage”) provides high performance storage systems to provide persistent data storage for virtual machines as disk volumes, as well as storage for snapshots. Block Storage is available for different use cases as well as in different service plans.

Key Features

Service Plans

Block Storage is offered in different availability classes, between which the customer can choose:

Block Storage is offered in the following performance classes, regardless of the availability class selected:

Performance classPremium system nameMax. IOPSMax. Throughput
Performance class 0storage_premium_perf012025 Mbyte/s
Performance class 1storage_premium_perf150050 Mbyte/s
Performance class 2storage_premium_perf21000100 Mbyte/s
Performance class 4storage_premium_perf42000150 Mbyte/s
Performance class 6storage_premium_perf65000200 Mbyte/s
Performance class 8storage_premium_perf810000250 Mbyte/s
Performance class 10storage_premium_perf1015000300 Mbyte/s
Performance class 12storage_premium_perf1220000350 Mbyte/s


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