Postgre sql conference 2024

Events | PostgreSQL Conference Germany 2024

Fri., 04/12/2024Munich

The 8th edition of the largest German-speaking conference for European PostgreSQL users and developers is just around the corner. Suitable database solutions are of great importance for realizing our values of “simple – secure – stable”. As a data sovereign provider, we also share the philosophy behind the open source database system PostgreSQL. Accordingly, it is a matter close to our hearts to support the event as a gold sponsor and to be there with our database team. Specifically, our colleagues Jens Wokasch, Richard Siekmann and team will be available to discuss with the community and share our experiences with PostgreSQL as a database.

PostgreSQL Europe organizes the annual conference with the aim of making the strengths and possibilities of the database better known. In lectures, case studies and discussions between leading developers and end users from smaller companies to large multinational corporations – PostgreSQL has a solid place among databases with over 35 years of development work and enjoys a good reputation for reliability, stability and functionality.