PostgreSQL Conference 2023

Events | PostgreSQL Conference Germany on 27.06.

Tuesday, 27.06.2023Essen, Germany

STACKIT takes part in this year’s 7th PostgreSQL Conference in Germany at the Haus der Technik in Essen. This one day conference is by far the largest conference on PostgreSQL in the German speaking area and a unique opportunity for European PostgreSQL users and developers to exchange ideas, learn, build relationships, get to know each other and consolidate a real network of professionals using and working with PostgreSQL.

The event is held in various major German cities to allow as many people as possible to attend the conference.

So far the following cities have been visited:

2011 – Oberhausen, Germany

2013 – Oberhausen, Germany

2015 – Hamburg, Germany

2018 – Berlin, Germany

2019 – Leipzig, Germany

2022 – Leipzig, Germany

The conference covers a wide range of topics as there will be talks ranging from internal discussions led by leading developers to case studies from end users from small businesses as well as large multinationals and government organizations, all running their businesses on PostgreSQL.

There will be several parallel tracks covering the different technical levels to ensure there is always something of interest for everyone. The event is hosted by PostgreSQL Europe.

About PostgreSQL Europe

PostgreSQL Europe is the “umbrella organization” for PostgreSQL User Groups in Europe and for users in regions that do not have a local User Group. Its goal is to promote the use of PostgreSQL in Europe. It does this primarily by helping local user groups promote the product locally through conferences and other activities, as well as by holding pan-European conferences and other activities.

About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source, object-relational database system that has been actively developed for over 35 years and has earned a reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

The open source community offers many helpful places to learn about PostgreSQL, discover how it works, and find career opportunities.