Service Certificate – STACKIT DNS

Service Name


High level service description

STACKIT DNS („DNS”) is a managed service and offers fast response times and geographical reliability through Anycast DNS. This ensures that the DNS resolution is available in the best possible way. Through integration in the STACKIT cloud, DNS zones can be managed together with other cloud services in one place.

Key Features

Service Plans

When ordering, customers can choose between various service configurations that differ primarily in terms of performance and storage capacity. The configuration is automatically selected based on the number of DNS records the customer actually creates.


SLA Specifics

Availability of 99.8% per calendar month is agreed for the STACKIT DNS service. STACKIT DNS is considered available when the DNS resolution for a test record succeeds in 99.8% of the given calendar month.


DNS zones are automatically backed up to the STACKIT Cloud at intervals set by STACKIT in accordance with the general STACKIT Cloud service description. The customer cannot change the timing of backups.

As an additional option, customers can back up or restore their zones manually via the API.

Additional Terms

If the customer uses one or multiple STACKIT subdomains provided by STACKIT, the following additional provisions shall also apply: