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High level service description

The STACKIT MariaDB Service (“MariaDB”) provides fully managed instances of the relational open source database management system (DBMS) MariaDB. Customers can provision instances of MariaDB in various sizes and use them in applications. MariaDB instances are deployed on dedicated virtual machines to ensure isolation and high performance. The customer can choose between cluster plans, which provide resilient operation with low downtime for use in production environments, and single instances, which are not recommended for use in production environments. The customer can meet increasing demand through in-place upgrades to larger instances (service plans). Smoke tests, service guards and the option of automated backups via Backup Manager ensure the secure operation of MariaDB’s Service Instances as well as the stored data.

Key Features

Service Plans

Plan Small Single InstanceMedium Single Instance Small Cluster Medium Cluster Big Cluster Extra Large Cluster
High availability / Productive operation  Number of nodesno 1no 1yes 3yes 3yes 3yes 3
vCPUs per node4
RAM (GB) per node816 16
Disc (GB) 10 50 10 50 100 500

A subsequent downgrade of the service plan initially selected by the customer within the same instance is not possible.


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