Service Certificate – STACKIT MongoDB Flex

Service Name


High level service description

The STACKIT MongoDB Flex Service (“MongoDB Flex”) provides managed instances of document-focused NoSQL database MongoDB. Customers can provision instances of the MongoDB Flex Service in different sizes and use them in applications. The customer can choose between replica set variants that offer resilient operation with a low level of downtime for use in productive environments and single instances, which we do not recommend for use in productive environments. The customer can meet increasing demand with in-place upgrades of larger instances. Automated backups and lifecycle management from STACKIT guarantee the secure operation of the instances of MongoDB Flex Service and saved data. The storage space of the instance is not linked to service variants, enabling the customer to have a more precisely tailored database for their application.

Key Features

Service Plans

During the ordering process, the customer has the option to choose from different configurations of the service. These primarily differ in performance or storage capacity.


SLA Specifics


Backup ParameterCharacteristic
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)6 h
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)6 h
Retention Period (RP)14 days

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