Fachinformatiker-Azubis entwickeln QR Code Generator

Our 11 computer scientists (1st year apprentices) develop a QR code

Trainees develop a secure QR code generator for the Schwarz Group

Some people call it a summer vacation, but here at STACKIT we call it “Cloud Powerweeks”. At the end of the first year of their apprenticeship, our 11 computer scientists had the opportunity to really get their teeth into something once again. They became familiar with the world of the STACKIT Cloud by developing a solution based on the Cloud Foundry in several weeks, which made it possible for them to easily and securely create a QR Code in their own company design to be used for various purposes. In addition, they assisted the STACKIT team with the creation of bilingual tutorials for the ordering portal. Oh yes, and at the end they played a little “Game of Pods”, in which they could test out the Kubernetes knowledge that they had acquired in a competition to win the throne.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our dear trainees. It definitely has the potential to be repeated.

The STACKIT Powerweeks, which took place from 07/20/2020 to 09/04/2020, offered the 11 trainee computer scientists of the 2019 cohort (working both in system integration and application development) the opportunity to get to know the STACKIT cloud, the associated team and the in-depth services.

The trainees started off with two exciting weeks in which they independently developed a new cloud application, the STACKIT QR code generator. This user-friendly application allows QR codes to be generated quickly and securely for virtual business cards in the respective company design.

The aim was to design an executable application, to integrate it into the STACKIT cloud and thereby to make it available internally within the company. At the end of the Powerweeks, a complete application capable of generating a QR Code in the respective company design (L, K, Schwarz, STACKIT) had been created and was ready for use. Two of the trainees are currently putting the finishing touches to the application so that it can also function perfectly on the STACKIT cloud.

Creating tutorials

The trainees then spent two weeks working with TTKF, the internal tool for documentation and instructions. The trainees used this tool to draft a total of 25 tutorials in German and English for the STACKIT portal, which are intended to help the clients as much as possible.

Kubernetes, container und gaming 

Last week the STACKIT SKE team offered the trainees some theoretical input on Kubernetes, pods and container technologies. As well as having the opportunity to build their own Kubernetes cluster in a sandbox, at the end the trainees played the so-called “Game of Pods”, during which they were able to test out the Kubernetes knowledge they had acquired in a competition to win the throne.

To sum up, the STACKIT Powerweeks offered a great deal of added value for all trainees, as they were able to acquire practical knowledge in a wide range of topics and experience the importance of the topic of the cloud at first hand. The also gained valuable experience for agile working through controlled dailies or retrospectives and have independently worked through all necessary steps for the approval process for an in-house development – from data protection to IT security to the works council. We at the STACKIT team would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the trainees involved as well as our SIT/SDL colleagues.