Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH

Comprehensive and ecologically sustainable design of digital infrastructures

Since its founding in 2011, Cloud&Heat Technologies’ mission has been to make sustainability and security a driver of digital innovation. The Dresden-based company develops, builds and operates secure and energy-efficient digital infrastructures that meet the requirements of the digital future. With its innovative products and patented technologies, Cloud&Heat meets the rapidly growing demand for digitalization and addresses the challenges of energy and climate change.

With the aim of making digital infrastructures comprehensively and ecologically sustainable, Cloud&Heat reduces the carbon footprint of the cloud and data center industry, improving the climate footprint across sectors. The use of open source software for the operation of digital infrastructures increases transparency in the cloud and data center market. Through an integrative and synergistic approach, Cloud&Heat establishes connections and interconnections between companies and technologies across industries.

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The Cloud&Heat Portfolio

Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH is a medium-sized cloud provider that develops, builds and operates particularly sustainable and secure digital infrastructures. The Dresden-based company, which employs around 90 people, provides its own infrastructures as virtual resources for processing large volumes of data, e.g. in the context of AI applications, and supports customers in setting up IT infrastructures. The special features here are both the direct hot water cooling technology, which is more energy-efficient and hence more environmentally friendly compared to air cooling, and innovative security solutions, such as the open-source-based and security-hardened cloud operating system SecuStack.

Full-Stack HW/SW Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

  • Customized Cooling Kit, Micro Data Center, Data Center Container
  • Cloud Services (Metal as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service (OpenStack-IaaS, SecuStack-IaaS), Platform as a Service (Managed Kubernetes))


  • Energy efficiency and high density consulting
  • Business development consulting
  • OpenStack consulting & development, R&D contracting


  • Comprehensive and ecologically sustainable design of digital infrastructures
  • Planning, building, integration, operation, monitoring and optimization of digital infrastructures
  • Efficient cooling and software solutions – ready for the applications of the future
  • Cloud provider with a focus on ecologically and economically efficient technologies
  • Secure and sustainable operation of applications through lifecycle management & operations systems


  • ISO 27001


  • Dresden
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Dubai
  • Madrid

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