OpenInfra Summit 2023

Events | OpenInfra Summit 13.06 to 15.06 in Vancouver

Tuesday, 13.06. - Thursday, 15.06.2023Vancouver, Canada

STACKIT will be present at the OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver this year. In addition to exciting networking opportunities, there will also be a chance to hear various presentations from our STACKITEERs:


12:05 pm “Lets go from Queens to Yoga. In and out. 20 Minute adventure” by Maxim Korezkij and Samuel Kunkel


11:00 am “Running OVN at Scale and checking where it burns” by Felix Hüttner and Ihtisham ul haq

14:30 “Challenges & Lessons from Operating OpenStack at Scale” by Felix Hüttner, Mohammed Naser and Thierry Carrez


10:20 a.m. “Fearless automation: Developing OpenStack on top of Kubernetes with YAOOK” by Stefan Hoffmann (Cloud&Heat) and Robert Franzke

About OpenInfra Summit

The OpenInfra Summit includes keynotes, presentations, panels, hands-on workshops and collaborative working sessions on over 30 open source projects. Look forward to learning more about the intersection of many open source infrastructure projects, including Linux, Ceph, Kubernetes, Magma, ONAP, Anuket, and projects maintained by the OpenInfra Foundation: Airship, Kata Containers, OpenInfra Labs, OpenStack, StarlingX, and Zuul. The OpenInfra Foundation community is a mix of professionals and volunteers from around the world working on every aspect of the OpenInfra Foundation’s mission. The OpenInfra Foundation strongly believes that diversity is their strength, and they therefore aim to foster a collaborative, inclusive, and safe environment.

About the OpenInfra Foundation

When the OpenStack Foundation was founded in 2012 to manage the OpenStack project, clouds primarily offered virtual machines in a data center. The Foundation evolved as the composition of data centers evolved to a mix of bare metal, VMs and containers. While the OpenStack project is considered the de facto open source platform for running cloud infrastructures around the world, the Foundation recognized that more technology was needed to meet all the different use cases. The OpenInfra Foundation wants to ensure that this is developed openly, using the same proven approach to open source.