Webinar STACKIT, Mendix

Webinar | Next Generation Application Development and Secure Operation in the Cloud

Wednesday, 07.12.202211 a.m.Online

The demand for new applications is growing rapidly. At the same time, the call for sovereignty in Germany is getting louder. The shortage of skilled IT staff is forcing new approaches to digitization. Together with Mendix, we provide insights into the strategy for agile low-code application development.

Software developers in particular are more competitive than ever. But there is also a shortage of talent in infrastructure. This leaves a lot of business potential untapped. In addition, some companies and public institutions have not yet been able to consistently take the path to the cloud due to security considerations.

What new approaches can help? In this joint webinar, we will show how a wide variety of applications can be developed significantly faster on a future-proof platform and how the advantages of a truly sovereign cloud can be exploited in operations.

We will also shed light on the following questions:

The webinar is aimed at IT executives, innovators and digital transformation advocates.

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