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STACKIT Cloud Foundry

High level service description

STACKIT Cloud Foundry („Cloud Foundry“) provides the customer with a runtime environment facilitating simple and fast development, testing, deployment and operation of Cloud-native applications. Cloud Foundry assumes management of the underlying infrastructure (Security, Patches, Backup, Release Management), offers a predefined approach to development and supports the Lifecycle management of Cloud-ready applications. Therefore customers can focus on the development of the applications (Business Logic). The development is supported in different programming languages and frameworks with the help of System Buildpacks. Available System Buildpacks: Staticfile, Java, Ruby, .NET Core, nodeJS, Go, Python, PHP, Binary, nginx. Additional languages and frameworks can be integrated as needed using externally available Community or Custom Buildpacks (Bring Your Own Language). The Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CLI) as well as the UI Console (Stratos) are provided to interact with the Cloud Foundry. Other STACKIT Services (for example Databases, Messaging, Caching, Logging) can be instantiated, integrated and used via the Cloud Foundry Marketplace.

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