Service Certificate – STACKIT MongoDB

Service Name


High level service description

The STACKIT MongoDB Service (“MongoDB Service”) provides fully managed instances of document-focused NoSQL database MongoDB. Customers can provision instances of MongoDB Service in different sizes and use them in applications. The instances of MongoDB Service are provided on dedicated virtual machines to ensure isolation and high performance. The customer can choose between Replica Set plans that offer resilient operation with a low level of downtime for use in productive environments and Single Instances which we do not recommend for use in productive environments. The customer can meet increasing demand with Inplace upgrades of larger instances (Service Plans). Automated backups and Lifecycle management from STACKIT guarantee the secure operation of the instances of MongoDB Service and saved data.

Key Features

Service Plans

Service PlanNano Single InstanceSmall Single InstanceNano Replica SetSmall Replica SetMedium Replica SetLarge Replica SetX-Large Replica SetXX-Large Replica Set
High avail-ability / Produ-ctive operationno (1)no (1)yes (3)yes (3)yes (3)yes (3)yes (3)yes (3)
vCOUs per node111124816
RAM (GB) per node11248163264
Storage (GB)102010204080160320

A subsequent downgrade of the service plan initially selected by the customer within the same instance is not possible.


SLA Specifics


RPO4 hours
RTO– 1-100 GB, 180 minutes – 101 GB-1 TB, 360 minutes – 1,01 TB- 10 TB, 900 minutes
Retention Period14 days

Additional Terms