Service Certificate – STACKIT Windows Server

Service Name

STACKIT Windows Server

High level service description

Microsoft Windows Server („Windows Server”) is based on the STACKIT Compute Engine and provides virtual machines (“VM”) with a preinstalled and licensed Microsoft Windows operating system. Customers can select the most suitable variant for their application in the STACKIT Cloud Portal or via the STACKIT API from the predefined variants (see Service Plans for details). In addition, the customer has the choice, depending on requirements, of managing the Windows server himself (“customer-managed”) or having it managed by Schwarz IT KG (“STACKIT”) (“managed Windows server”, beta phase).

Key Features

Scope of Windows Server. Functions indicated with “X” are included in the scope of services provided by STACKIT:

FeatureWindows Server (customer-managed)Managed Windows Server (Beta phase)
Creation of VM-based servers with pre-installed and licensed Windows Server standard operating systemXX
Access to Windows Server with individual credentialsXX
Standard security rules and settingsXX
Standard management strategyX
Individual server management via API/UIX
STACKIT Windows update approval processX
Automatic installation of Windows updates within defined maintenance windowsX
Monitoring and alerting in the event of an errorX
Activated Server Backup Management ServiceX

Service Plans

Windows Servers can be obtained in the operating system versions shown below.

Operating System VersionMinimum RAMMinimum vCPUMinimum Local DiskMicrosoft support end date
Windows Server 20162 GB1 vCPU32 GB01/12/2027
Windows Server 20192 GB1 vCPU32 GB01/09/2029
Windows Server 20222 GB1 vCPU32 GB10/14/2031

When selecting the underlying STACKIT VMs by the customer, it must be ensured that the minimum requirements of the respective operating system version are met. If the customer selects STACKIT VMs that fall short of the minimum requirements shown, operating errors or failures may occur during the operation of the Windows Server; errors or failures that occur due to an inadequate selection of underlying STACKIT VMs by the customer are not subject to any guarantee (in particular no availability agreement) or liability on the part of STACKIT; Section 15.1 of the Terms of Use remains unaffected.

The VMs for Windows Server can be selected in different availability classes:


SLA specifics


Customer responsibility / additional terms

Additional licensing rules