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inovex is an IT project house with a strong focus on “digital transformation”. Around 500 inovex GmbH IT experts provide comprehensive support for companies in digitizing and making their core business more agile as well as implementing new digital use cases.

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IT Consulting and Process Optimization

The Challenge

Are You Also Confronted With the Following Digitalization Issues?

  • Do you want to efficiently migrate your in-house platform to a Kubernetes environment in the cloud?

  • Are you thinking about how to offer your industry solution as a digital service in the cloud?

  • Are you not quite certain how to securely deploy generative AI or computer vision in your application in a data protection compliant and user-friendly way?

The solution

The inovex technology experts offer solutions across the board, ranging from small cloud migrations to large platforms based on multiple tech stacks for millions of users.

The Collaboration

STACKIT and inovex GmbH have been distribution partners since 2023. Our common goal is to provide high-quality, data protection compliant and simultaneously user-friendly IT solutions for digital transformation to our customers.

Thanks to the inovex and STACKIT partnership, you will benefit from the perfect solution of innovative, high-quality IT solutions and a stable, secure cloud – all from a single source.

Mehr zur Partnerschaft mit inovex

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This Is Why inovex Has Chosen STACKIT:


“We have been collaborating successfully for many years and have also contributed substantially to the development of the STACKIT cloud and many Schwarz IT projects. We aim to promote and extend this successful partnership further. In addition, we envisage the future of a sovereign European cloud platform, which is of great significance for many of our customers.”


Matthias Albert
Head of IT Engineering & Operations at inovex

About inovex GmbH

The all-in-one portfolio makes inovex GmbH a one-stop shop for digitalization. With a focus on quality and innovation, inovex is a reliable technology partner.

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Range of services

  • Application Development (Web Platforms, Mobile Apps, Edge & Embedded)
  • Data Management & Analytics (Business Intelligence, Big Data, Search, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence)
  • IT Infrastructures (IT Engineering, Cloud Services)
  • Modernization of existing solutions
  • Product Discovery
  • Agile (Coaching)
  • Security
  • Training and workshops
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  • 76131, Karlsruhe
  • 51063, Köln
  • 80939, München
  • 22763, Hamburg
  • 10117, Berlin
  • 70176, Stuttgart
  • 75179, Pforzheim
  • 91052, Erlangen

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