Container solutions for cloud-native software

What do containers do?

A container is best described as a package that contains a certain software solution together with all its dependencies. The bundling of the individual software components in this container is often called “containerization”. A container solution helps you manage these containers.

How is software executed in a container?

A container is lightweight, isolated, and portable, which makes it executable in a variety of software environments. Two alternative runtime environments for containers are STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE) and STACKIT Cloud Foundry.

STACKIT Container Solutions

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STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE)

The STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE) is a high-performance, scalable Kubernetes service. This container solution enables businesses to run and scale any applications easily in containers.

This STACKIT runtime environment focuses on the migration of existing applications to the cloud and the operation of cloud-native applications. A self-service user interface helps with the simple configuration of this container solution.

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STACKIT Cloud Foundry

STACKIT Cloud Foundry

In addition to providing a robust, scalable runtime environment for cloud applications, STACKIT Cloud Foundry is a platform-as-a-service product that makes it as simple as possible to start using containerized applications.

It enables companies to easily deploy existing applications in containers, as well as develop cloud-native applications in the open source ecosystem of Cloud Foundry.

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Differences between the Container Solutions

The STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE) container solution is designed primarily to run large distributed applications and complex microservice architectures. This technology is capable of running hundreds or even thousands of containers in parallel. It features extensive flexibility, but also greater complexity in configuration and operations.

STACKIT Cloud Foundry focuses on the simple development of cloud-native applications that can be run with a few simple parameters directly from the source text.

Both solutions are billed according to a transparent pay-per-use model. This means that there are only charges for resources that are actually used.

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