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Founded in 1996, STI is an innovative company that specializes in providing quality IT and digitalization solutions. The more than 100 employees at its Munich and Vienna locations give it a high-performing and adaptable team for its national and international customer projects. STI is renowned for being progressive, resilient and at the same time flexible.

STI’s service portfolio encompasses a whole range of IT and digitalization services including technical consulting, workplace and infrastructure, project management, software development, big data and innovation.

STI also acts as an agency for IT personnel and works with a large network of freelancers to provide prompt and flexible assistance with external IT projects.

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Data to Value – Turning Data into Customer Benefits

The Challenge

Would You Like to Turn Data into an Asset That Your Company Can Use?

  • Do you want to understand the benefits of a cloud solution?

  • Are you looking for someone to support your company with its digital transformation?

  • Are you wondering how to derive the best information for smart decision-making from your data intelligently and quickly?


The Solution

STI CONSULTING is an innovative company with a focus on E2E that offers you targeted assistance with optimizing and digitizing your business processes.

STI provides comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the needs of its customers. The company places a particular focus on analyzing and evaluating data and ensuring data security.

The Collaboration

STI and STACKIT have been sales partners since 2023. Our common goal for our customers is: to turn data into customer benefits using innovative technology.

Thanks to the partnership between STI and STACKIT, you get a solution with the perfect combination of comprehensive support for your digitalization journey and a stable, secure cloud.

More about the Partnership between STI Consulting and STACKIT

About STI

Where cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking meet traditional values such as trust and stability. STI is committed to ensuring the satisfaction and personal development of its employees.

STI’s “Technical Consulting” business unit advises specialist departments on how to optimize and digitize their processes and standards. STI acts as an interface and “translator” between the departments and IT. The company maps requirements and describes solutions and processes so that that the relevant departments can receive the right support from the business department providing the service (IT). The aim is to ensure that IT processes and the requirements resulting from them are defined in a detailed and precise way for the service provider.

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Range of services

STI focuses on providing innovative and high-quality IT solutions. That focus includes a wide range of services in the area of IT and digitalization:

  • Technical consulting: STI offers consulting on the implementation of IT projects and provides IT infrastructure solutions.
  • Workplace and infrastructure: solutions for a company’s IT infrastructure – including network and server management.
  • Cyber security: STI helps to detect, eliminate and prevent security issues.
  • Software development: the internal Java team helps you with software implementation.
  • Business intelligence: analyzing data to improve business decisions.
  • Process management: analyzing, designing and improving business processes.
  • Innovation: developing new ideas and technology to support business growth and efficiency.

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