infraKon Roadshow 2023

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Tuesday, 11.07. & Thursday, 13.07.2023Karlsruhe & Munich, Germany

STACKIT is part of the InfraKon Roadshow of 2023 in June as well as in July. At the dates in July, the colleagues from the data center area are also represented on site with a presentation. This year, the roadshow focuses on the topics “High availability of electrical systems / (Supply) security – not only for data centers / Beyond Efficiency – the new frontier: ZERO CARBON”.

These are the stops of the InfraKon Roadshow 2023:

If you are not able to participate yourself, you can always contact us directly via our contact form.

About the InfraKon Roadshow

24/7/365, high availability – even maximum availability – this remains the objective for data centers, hospitals and other operations that belong to the critical infrastructure. Operational reliability – despite the current threat of power shortages – that is the new challenge.

The leap in performance of IT equipment, medical technology and others in recent years has been accompanied by an enormous hunger for energy. In the meantime, efficiency potentials have been largely exhausted. However, energy has suddenly become a rare commodity. Like many goods and raw materials, electricity is becoming a scarce commodity. As a result, the price is rising. In addition, power quality has been declining for years, causing damage to sensitive electronics. That is why measurement is indispensable.

On top of that, despite the tectonic shifts in the underlying conditions, there is an undiminished desire to stick to ambitious decarbonization targets. Solving this trilemma poses major challenges for all operators of energy-intensive plants. Face-to-face exchange is important for finding solutions together.

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